Vermod’s Commitment to Affordability

In a Zero-Energy Ready Vermod home with solar PV and low to no electric or heating costs, you’ll pay less per month in combined mortgage and energy costs than in a new mobile home or an old inefficient home.

Vermod’s mission and vision is rooted in making Zero-Energy Ready homes accessible to all Vermonters, not just those who can afford high-end, custom new construction. Whether you are income qualified for subsidies and incentives like mobile home replacement, are shopping for new modular homes, or looking to build an upgraded custom home, Vermod homes are extremely cost competitive.
With durable construction and solar electricity, Vermod homes deliver quality that lasts, savings that grow over time, and more predictable electric and heating cost.

  • In the short term, Vermod homeowners save with access to low-interest financing and minimal to zero electric and heating costs.
  • In the long term, homeowners are investing in an asset that holds its value over time. Vermod homes do not depreciate like manufactured homes.

Vermod Modular Homes vs. Manufactured/Mobile Homes

It's true - the sticker price of a Vermod home is higher than a new mobile home. However, the low upfront cost of a mobile home masks the total cost of ownership to you over time. As maintenance, fuel, and electric bills pile up, mobile homes become more expensive the older they get.

As the price of heating fuel and electricity increases over time, a new mobile home gets more expensive every year. The cost of a Zero-Energy home stays the same.

Subsidies and Incentives

CHT Homeownership Loan

For mobile home replacement.


  • $35,000 towards cost of home
  • Can be used to cover down payment
  • 0% interest
  • No monthly payments – loan is repaid upon sale, refinance, or transfer of home
  • Loan is administered by the Champlain Housing Trust
  • Borrowers must contribute $2,500 towards closing costs



Champlain Housing Trust

Shared Equity Grants

Varies by county and availability.


  • Home ownership grant funds subsidize the cost of purchasing a home, increasing affordability and guaranteeing permanent affordability of the home, through a model known as Shared Equity Home Ownership.
  • Depending on income level, need, and other factors, households can receive grants of up to $50,000, or 20% of the purchase price of a home.
  • Under the shared equity model, the home buyer's equity upon resale is limited to 25% of appreciated value, plus the value of the principal paid down and the value of any authorized capital improvements made by the homeowner.


  • Must be individually approved by the Housing Organization in your area.
  • Income limit is 120% of area median income.
  • In addition to the grant, buyers must obtain mortgage loan financing and contribute their own cash resources (at least $1,500) towards the purchase price of the home.
  • Applicants must complete HomeBuyer Education at your local HomeOwnership Center

More Details

If you need help determining which Housing Organization to contact and how to apply contact Vermod’s Homeownership Adviser Ashley Andreas at or 802.295.0042.

Energy Efficiency Incentives

ZEM High Performance Home Incentive

Income Based

Energy Star Rebates and Incentives

Regardless of Income

  • Individual incentives may be available based on utility company and Efficiency Vermont program offerings. Inquire within for available incentives at time of purchase.

Solar Incentives

V-Lite Solar

Income Based

  • $10,000 off the cost of solar purchase on a Zero Energy Modular Ready Vermod Home for buyers under 120% of area median income.
  • Apply with Vermod.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

Regardless of Income

  • A solar PV system must be installed before December 31, 2019, to claim a 30% credit. It will decrease to 26% for systems installed in 2020 and to 22% for systems installed in 2021. And the tax credit expires starting in 2022 unless Congress renews it.
  • View more information

Buyers may be eligible for additional grants, incentives, and subsidies such as Subsidized Mortgage Financing through the USDA. Inquire within to find out what may be available to you at time of purchase.

All VerMod homes are built to suit the homebuyerʼs budget and aesthetic preferences. Contact us for pricing information. Design fees and pricing vary based on level of customization.