All Vermod homes are built with quality materials and construction practices – from the foundation to the roof. With windows and doors that seal tightly and fixtures that last, a Vermod home will continue to provide you and your family with lasting value.

  • Frost protected foundation
  • Roof overhangs and moisture-tight construction
  • Sheetrocked interior
  • Premium windows and doors
  • Hardwood cabinets with sturdy hardware
  • Warrantied appliances

What’s the difference between a mobile, manufactured, and modular home?



A mobile home is a factory-built home that is was built before 1976 and not to any uniform construction code. Although this term is technically outdated, it is still so commonly used that the Vermont state government and many non-profits and businesses use “mobile home” and “manufactured home” interchangeably.



A manufactured home is any home factory-built to the HUD Title 6 construction standards, which took effect in 1976. The HUD code overrules any local and state building and energy codes, so it’s possible for the same manufactured home to be sold in Vermont, Virginia, and Nevada. Manufactured homes are built on a steel chassis but often never moved from their initial site.



A modular home is factory-built and meets all local and state building and energy-efficiency codes. Modular homes are typically transported to the site in one or more pieces on flatbed trailers and lifted into place with a crane. Although all modular homes meet local code, levels of durability and energy-efficiency vary between modular builders, just as they do with site-built homes.