So What is a Modular Home?

Well, simply stated they are homes built in a controlled environment where the home has no exposure to extreme elements throughout the building process. This means its first day on your site is the first time it will learn to adapt to its environment.

Vermod is a high-performance modular home builder that designs homes to fit not only the needs of you and your family, but the site on which your future home will land! Each home is unique just like your lifestyle and family.

At Vermod, we take the time to learn about you and ensure that your home is customized to accommodate your wants and needs. This means we can help to accommodate your budget, the energy demands you require, as well unique finishes that allow you to add your own personal touch.


Zero Energy Living


Your home will be fitted with a solar system to accommodate the lifestyle of you and your family. While the goal is to achieve zero energy bills, we always remind people "houses do not use energy, people do". It's also important to understand how your site and electric utility will impact your energy profile. We'll give you the tools and lifestyle hacks to keep energy consumption down and dive into Zero Energy living.

What makes the Vermod process different from other modular home companies is that the interaction begins with you and never ends. Vermod will help design your dream home, walk you through the building process, and teach you how to maximize its full potential.

Vermod's building partners also work in collaboration to provide you with the healthiest home possible. With integrated UV light systems and air quality monitoring, rest assured, that your health is our top priority. Vermod has pioneered the development of homes with exceptional indoor air quality, as Vermod homes automatically deliver fresh air as needed based on occupancy and occupant activities.

Buying a Vermod is a Choice and an Investment

The lifecycle of your Vermod is one that continues for future generations with its carbon free operations, this is a gift your grandkids can really thank you for!

Buying a Vermod is a choice. We want you to know that we appreciate you allowing us the opportunity to meet your housing needs.

Like Uncle Steve always says “If you don’t believe in Zero-Energy, do it for your grandkids, and if you don’t have any do it for someone else’s.’”

Vermod Home

Get Started!

  1. Submit a contact form or give our Homeownership Advisor a call to learn about pricing and process.
  2. Get pre-approved for a construction loan through one of our financing partners or your local lender.
  3. If utilizing affordability programs Register for a Homebuyer Education Class and complete follow-up counseling at your local homeownership center (required for Champlain Housing Trust homeownership loan and USDA loan).
  4. Start looking for properties to place your forever home.
  5. Submit a Design Fee and start working with our team to create your dream home. We offer a sliding scale fee starting at $1,500 based on level of customization.

All VerMod homes are built to suit the homebuyerʼs budget and aesthetic preferences. Contact us for pricing information. Design fees and pricing vary based on level of customization.