State House Watch

This week, Jennifer Dube and the team from 350NH take over State House Watch

Paige Radcliffe interviewed Dr. Sonja Birthisel with the No Coal No Gas Campaign, which is working to shut down the Merrimack Generating Station (last coal-fired power plant in New England without a shutdown date) in Bow, NH. 

Carolyn Nevin interviewed Steve Davis and Ashley Andreas from Vermod Homes.

Anna Rose Marion and Kai Parlett who did the “call to action” are with the 350NH Youth Organizing Team.

Peg Breault and Jennifer did the “host chat” with Carolyn Nevin.

Carolyn, Peg and Paige are with the 350NH Outreach Team.

The two musical breaks were Black Lung by the Dead South, and Here Comes the Sun by Bon Jovi.